Bring design back to life - humanized design easier for life 

让设计回归生活 - 人性化设计更加方便人们的生活






The Panasonic factory at 798 area is devastated and ruined, but its rough, plain and real industrial building features happen to coincide with the attitude of contemporary art. 


The concept of Minsheng Contemporary Art Museum derives from the above, it respects the simplicity and reality of industrial buildings, aiming at the future of contemporary art space, challenging the high-sounding traditional art museum.

Comparing to traditional art, a distinguishing feature of contemporary art is the diversity form of representation. In order to facilitate this, Minsheng Contemporary Art Museum not only has the 5 meters clear height space of traditional art museum,


 but also has spaces of different sizes and dimensions: big box, middle box, small box, classic space, courtyard exhibition space, black box(multi-function performance, convention, exhibition spaces). 



民生美术馆是基于一个80 年代的工业建筑改造而成。它以开放性、多元性、灵活性,对今天美术馆的封闭性、单一性及固定性提出了挑战,将会成为中国当代艺术的最大的公共平台。


insheng Contemporary Art Museum is a renovation of an old factory from the 1980s. Its openness, diversity, flexibility make it different from typical galleries, which are always monotonous and secluded. It will be the largest public dedicated exhibition space for Chinese contemporary art.