Modern style

西山庭院 / 现代风格

现代风格装饰特点:由曲线和非对称线条构成,如花梗、花蕾、葡萄藤、昆虫翅膀以及自然界各种优美、波状的形体图案等,体现再墙面、栏杆、窗棂和家具等装饰上。 线条有的柔美雅致,有的遒劲而富于节奏感,整个立体形式都与有条不紊的、有节奏的曲线融为一体。 大量使用铁制构件,将玻璃、瓷砖等新工艺,以及铁艺制品、陶艺制品等综合运用于室内。注意室内外沟通,竭力给室内装饰艺术引入新意。 


二,几何线条修饰,色彩明快跳跃,外立面简洁流畅,以波浪、架廊式挑板或装饰线、带、块等异型屋顶为特征,立面立体层次感较强,外飘窗台外挑阳台或内置阳台,合理运用色块色带处理。 体现时代特征为主,没有过分的装饰,一切从功能出发,讲究造型比例适度、空间结构图明确美观,强调外观的明快、简洁。体现了现代生活快节奏、简约和实用,但又富有朝气的生活气息

Modern style decoration features:

Made of curves and asymmetric lines, such as pedicles, buds, vines, insect wings, natural beautiful, wavy patterns, reflect walls, railings, window lattice and furniture. Soft and elegant lines, some vigorous and rhythm, the whole stereo form is integrated with orderly, rhythmic curves. Large use of iron components,

 glass, tile and other new processes, in the interior. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, and try to introduce new ideas to the interior decorative art.


Two, geometric line decoration, color bright jump, facade simple and smooth, waves, corridor board, strip, block and other heterogeneous roof, facade, floating windowsill outside the balcony or built - in balcony,

 reasonable use of color ribbon processing, embodies the characteristics of The Times, no excessive decoration, everything from the function, appropriate proportion, space structure diagram is clear and beautiful, emphasizing the bright and simple appearance. Reflecembodies the fast pace, simple and practical, but vibrant life